Friday, April 07, 2006

Top ten reasons for porcupines to blog

What are the top ten reasons that porcupines should start blogs? I'm sure there are lots of benefits that I haven't even considered. 10 brownie points for answering this question in the comment section.

100 brownie points to the porcupine who starts a blog and answers my question there. Try, it's easy.


Blogger Seth said...

Plenty of Porcs already have blogs...

Free State Observer

Free State Blogs

are just a start... (both have more than one person posting, and FSB pulls from many sources)

(I don't need the 100 brownie points, I've got a half dozen blogs I never post on already. I'm just no good at sticking to blogging myself.)

2:49 PM  
Blogger Jason Rand said...

Thanks for the links. I assume you mean that there are lots of Porc blogs, or do you think there are 'Plenty', as in 'enough'?

I'm going to try and entice 999 more porcupines to pledge to start blogs. Will you help spread the word? I consider a blog as simply a placeholder where you can write things whenever inspiration strikes. I am not talking about committing to blogging every day. I don't even plan on doing that myself. I am talking about asking people to just try it, along with 999 others, and see what happens. If we can get 1000 porcupines to take the plunge, and start brand new blogs, then that would be a newsworthy event right there. Aren't there 1000 porcupines willing to take 10 minutes each to generate some substantial buzz in the blogosphere? I'm optimistic, but that's just me.

10:17 PM  
Anonymous Ryan Gray said...

1. Spread libertarian memes
2. Raise awareness of the FSP
3. Let people know just how many porcupines there are out there.
4. Be able to form contacts with other porcs to make your move to NH easier.
5. Help spread the word of outreach events.
6. Five other reasons someone else will come up with.

12:01 PM  
Blogger Jason Rand said...

Thank you Ryan. You are hereby awarded 10 brownie points! I see you have a blog on Yahoo. Was that easy to set up?

Another reason to start a blog is to step out of your comfort zone for a good cause, and encourage others to do the same. "Hey, if I can start a blog, then surely you can..."

6:45 AM  
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